Artist Statement

My artwork speaks to how we deal with our inner struggles. Sometimes we hide in distractions lacking the learned tools to cope. We become prisoner to those distractions. “Addiction is due 50 percent to genetic predisposition and 50 percent to poor coping skills.” We use the tools in our toolbox of life. Some tools are learned, some traded, some borrowed, and some are inherited.

My piece, “Prison” speaks to the inheritance of addictive personality types that can lead to alcoholism. using a direct assertion with an over-sized steel flask mimicking the torso that blends into a steel prison.

It’s best we look those fears and struggles in the face. We face fear. Even when there is no safety net, we believe in ourselves and our resilience to take leaps of faith. We understand that any failures incurred is a necessary part of real growth. No regrets. My more recent pieces, “Try Anyway” and “Embrace the Fall,” address this need to be courageous in our lives to live fully.